Generation 1

General Info:

Age: 19

Pronouns: He/Him

Orientation: Demi 
Typing: Ghost Ice
Birthday: 12/17 
Favourite drinks: Hot cocoa (Tapu Cocoa sprite), milkshakes (Moomoo Milk sprite), anything sweet and creamy (Casteliacone sprite)

Human?: Not anymore (Zombie)

Death Count: Countless

  • Died at the top of Mount Silver. Again. and again. And again.
Origins: Pokémon Gold

Pokémon Team:

Badge Case:

Johto Elite Four Badge sprite
Zephyr Badge sprite
Hive Badge sprite
Plain Badge sprite
Fog Badge sprite
Storm Badge sprite
Mineral Badge sprite
Glacier Badge sprite
Rising Badge sprite
Kanto Elite Four Badge sprite
Boulder Badge sprite
Cascade Badge sprite
Thunder Badge sprite
Rainbow Badge sprite
Soul Badge sprite
Marsh Badge sprite
Volcano Badge sprite
Earth Badge sprite

 After scaling Mount Silver for the ultimate challenge, Gale and his partner Pokémon, Typhlosion, both froze to death, forced to repeat the same battle in a neverending cycle in unlife... This was until they were rescued by Articuno. After waking up at the base of the mountain, Gale promised he'd take better care of Typhlosion, and started rebuilding his life after being stuck for four years. He doesn't know what happened to his opponent, but he hopes he's doing okay.