Generation 1

General Info:

Age: 21

Pronouns: He/Him

Orientation: Aro/Ace  
Typing: Normal Psychic
Birthday: 12/17 
Favourite drinks: Anything caffeinated (Komala Coffee spriteRoserade Tea spriteSoda Pop sprite) or sour (Lemonade sprite))

Human?: No (AI)

Death Count: 0 to 2 times, depending on who you ask

Origins: ???¿??? Grey 

Pokémon Team:

 After the massive success of the Pokémon Red and Blue games, a new dev team was put together to capitalize on it (to bootleg it). One of the developers on the team was "let go" to create the player character. Strike 1.
 The PC had to be refactoured and compiled in order to work properly. The game was released and shipped out; however, it was heavily glitched. There was a monster that was impossible for players to beat, which led to the more technically-inclined to create a hack that bypassed it. However, all those that tried had their PCs meet a terrible fate. Strike 2.
 As with most GB games, this one was also eventually ported to the computer (or could at least be run through an emulator). A hack was downloaded and played through, up until the glitched encounter. The PC died and the game crashed per usual, but, uniquely, a recovery system kicked in. This restored the player character, but, due to the damage the game sustained due to the crash, his restoration was corrupted. The player's progress was reset to the beginning, the wallet was unable, and the entire inventory had glitched into Repels. Unsatisfied, the player abandoned the game. But he didn't die.
 The process restored more than just his body; it also unlocked a sense of identity in him, one that wouldn't be shared with nor validated by his peers. Stuck in a virtual world, he has no choice but to progress the game's storyline as intended. He couldn't catch any Pokémon, due to his inventory instantly transforming anything he picked up into Repels, but he could still use moves of his own and circumvent battles. Eventually, he returned to the fated battle against that impossible monster, retaining his memory of what happened before. He couldn't run, as it outsped him, but he could Teleport. Once he did though, the battle re-initiated and the game became worse, threatening to break again. In its heavily-glitched state, he could use a Repel to escape, something that normally wouldn't be possible. He successfully ran away and Teleported once out of the battle, being taken to a new world shortly after...